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Health problems?!?

I know some of you who still remember who I am, are wondering what happened to me, why I suddenly stopped being heavily involved in the Evolution Tuning scene. I am a very private person, and over the years I’ve mentioned a few things in posts and e-mails

These past few years have been rough, I was in a motorcycle accident which though pretty minor, forced me to take it easy. For a long time I had not been able to easily work on my cars, when I finally felt better, I discovered something else didn’t seem right.

In that time, I’ve had a bunch of health issues that have been difficult/impossible to diagnose, in fact, my doctors still aren’t sure whats actually wrong, but I’m on a bunch of medications to treat many different symptoms.

Its been a long time, and I’ve finally felt well enough to take my car out and drive it and enjoy it, only I can’t. The short story was when my cars were shipped down from New York, to Texas, the bumper on the Evo had been damaged. The Transport company did the right thing and had the car repaired properly. Unfortunately the body shop that had the car in their posession had a a douchebag who either recognized what kind of car it was, or the car itself, and beat the snot out of it, as a result my clutch and transmission (47000 miles on an ORIGINAL CLUTCH, and the same with the original driveline) were damaged, the clutch is slipping, and second gear, either the slider/selector or synchro is done (It won’t go into second gear at all, under any circumstance).. I also noticed the dealer who was servicing the car in NY wasn’t doing what I asked (They NEVER serviced the driveline fluids or timing/balance shaft belts) The only reason I noticed is I marked the belts for my cam swap, and the marks are still there. And my Oil pressure light is flickering, fortunately I know thats more than likely the Oil pressure sender, as thats something that these cars have happen often.

I’m in no condition (physically or mentally) to fix this myself these days. I barely have the energy to get to work most days, and when I’m home, most days I just feel like sleeping.

I finally have some money saved up for labor, I’m hoping to find a shop in the DFW area to have the car repaired properly. I’m embarassed to say this, but I could use a little help with parts, not freebies, I’d just like to get the car fixed and drivable as inexpensively as possible, so I can start getting my life back together and begin enjoying being out of the house.

Thanks to everyone I still chat with on occasion for the kind words, and support over the past few years that I haven’t been able to participate actively. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get back into this stuff in the near future, especially to release the sorely needed updates for the free ECU Unlocker and Mitsulogger programs. (both of which have tens of thousands of downloads)