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To Whom it may concern at Asus:

I sent an Asus G51JX-X2 “ROG” Gaming Laptop to be serviced after an “Asus Liveupdate” recommended a bios update and proceeded to automatically update the bios in windows, blue-screening the machine and rendering the machine non-functional.   I should have known better, but later found out that its common for the winflash to fatally damage an Asus system board.  Unfortunately I went with the recommendations for the BIOS and Driver updates that Asus recommended.

When I called, asking for the simple recovery method used to allow a base flash to be reloaded after it failed (I do know this is possible, yet nobody would/could tell me so I could recover the system myself)

Instead, I was instructed to return the machine to be repaired under warranty.  However this was after the SECOND phone call, the first time after explaining that Asus Live Update recommended the bios upgrade, I was told it would have to be repaired at my own expense and I voided my warranty.  Fortunately the second time I called it was not an issue.

This is where it gets more interesting,

the machine was returned missing the power adapter I had sent with it for repair.  And the original box (the box it came in when I bought it) was also not returned.

WTF!  How am I able to use a computer without its power adapter?  Even worse is the Laptop Repair Summary even stated that the A/C adapter was included, so it should have been returned.

could not work this past weekend and **LOST** an enormous amount of development time and money.

I did manage to test the machine off the battery for a short time, and it doesn’t recognize 16gb of ram.

A little background on this machine, its an Asus “Republic of Gamers” G51JX-X2 with a G60JX system motherboard, I had sought out this specific model because it has 4 DDR3 Dim slots,  I had purchased it for development, but left my other job and it was sitting in its box for 6 months unused.  Yes, its a gaming machine, but it was one of the only machines under $2000 that had a high resolution screen (1920×1080 FHD), a quad core i7 processor (8 threads), and did an enormous amount of research verifying if it could support over 8gb of Ram, which I was told on numerous occasions it could support up to 16gb.  So I am pretty disappointed that I cannot use all 16gb that the bios sees, but isn’t making available to the O/S (I tested on Linux also to be sure it wasn’t just my installation of Windows 7 Ultimate).  I didn’t buy it for appearance, its actually ugly, and a little embarassing to use for work related tasks.

It is a G51JX-X2,  G60JX motherboard with 4 memory slots, the Bios recognizes 16gb but the O/S only says 8gb

I have decided I no longer want this computer, however the BOX IT WAS SHIPPED IN, and was instructed to pack it in for warranty reasons,  was not returned.  Not having the original packaging makes it nearly impossible to sell!  Even though it looks brand new and has no signs of wear, it will be impossible to get top dollar for it without the box and packaging.

The support person who I spoke to told me “You don’t get back your box”  WTF! I was told to ship it in the original packaging to avoid damage! 

I want this laptop gone,  I’d like to return it to the store where I purchased it, but too much time has passed (15 days from date of purchase). 

PLEASE ASUS do something to make this right. 

Nobody on the phones has been able to help, all they tell me is it will be escalated and someone would call me back. NOBODY has called back. I called early enough on friday that they could have shipped me a replacement (or my original) power supply overnight and I could have used it this weekend, instead I was told I would be called back, of course they never called back, or did the right thing and just overnighted a new power supply.  I spoke with them again today, MEMORIAL DAY, WASTING MY ONLY DAY OFF to try to get this resolved.  I was told I would be called back within 24 hours.  Its a holiday weekend and its already too late to un-do the damage, so hopefully I get a call back..

7 thoughts on “Open Letter to Asus”

  1. Hi there,
    I just installed 4x4gb ram chips in this exact same machine and I am in the same boat! BIOS recognizes the 16gb of RAM, but ubuntu linux says I only have 8gb! WTF!

    I just linked your post from the ubuntu forums here:

    thanks for your info, it has saved me some headache trying to figure out what is wrong. I will try asking asus if they have a solution, maybe try to update the firmware (I’m at 206, did you try going to the latest 208?)

  2. Hi there MalibuJack,

    Just got off the phone with ASUS. They said they couldn’t help me once I told them I was running Linux. They said that the fix for windows 7 was to change a setting in msconfig that disabled the RAM or basically governed the high RAM setting. Google “msconfig enable all ram” and some helpful links will pop up.

    Don’t know if you are still dealing with this particular issue on the laptop, but it is worth a shot if you still have the extra 8gb in there. If it is indeed the linux operating system that is limiting the full 16gb of RAM that would be unfortunate. I am going to try to pop in a hard drive with the original windows 7 installation and try their solution after I boot into another linux livecd to see if that distro recognizes the other 8gb of RAM. If you still have windows 7 and 16gb of ram that isn’t entirely recognized I’d be interested to hear if the msconfig solution works for you

    good luck

    1. I tried this suggestion also. Again, the system only uses 8gb of the ram.

      The fix that was suggested only allows a maximum of 8gb. What it does is forced the OS to see 8gb to avoid a random bluescreen caused by the unusable ram.

  3. hi again,

    I ran memtest on an opensuse live cd and it said it recognized the 4 slots as populated, but that some were marked as empty/no device. So I opened up the bottom, pulled all the ram, cleaned the contacts, and firmly placed them all back in different slots, swapping them around. When I booted back up memtest recognized all 16gb, and ubuntu recognized all the RAM as well. looks like it works! You might want to give that a shot, I’m glad I didn’t have to mess around with reinstalling windows…

    thanks and good luck

  4. I think the technical answer is that the ram slots all use a single channel, instead of 1 channel per bank of 2 slots.

    Intel CPU documents 8gb per channel, so it can checksum the total properly, but cannot address the extra ram. Its a hardware limitation of the i7 processors memory controller.

    Most new laptops that have second gen I7 processors can address over 8gb of ram as long as each channel is at 8gb max. The big difference is the mobile processors seem to have 2 ram channels, I think the desktop CPU’s have 4

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