My sons and Our Hexapod-Quadrotor experiment. – The beginning

Just adding a work in progress that my son’s and I are building. This is an arduino nano on a perfboard with two hand-built 16 channel servo controllers. Yes this thing will control 32 servos or electronic speed controls.

It has its own power for driving the servos. The nano will be able to retain all of its analog inputs, a few digital inputs and i2c to handle all of the data i/o for the host we end up using. The chips we are using are tlc5940nt which is intended to drive LEDS with variable intensity but works perfectly for servos. We still have to complete the wiring for the signal and chip power. The goal of this project is to eventually have a hexapod and quad copter that can navigate and fly autonomously. we wanted the device itself to as small and compact as possible given the components we had to work with. The arduino nano carrier board will be horizontal and the servo controller wing boards will be vertical to minimize the length of the wires. Hopefully it won’t pick up too much noise in that configuration. The hexapod prototype is very small and using 9g servos which is the reason to keep it as small as possible. We are hoping that this can act as the controller and sensor host for the device and a raspberry pi or something smaller can do the smart stuff. I also have a spectrum nano controller and 8 channel transmitter for manual control. There will be stereo vision FPV using dual HD micro cameras on a gimbal and an occulus rift dk2 with head tracking. I haven’t yet decided on the final radio technology. WiFi should be good for the time being. The kids and I have been designing lightweight parts that will use both titanium tube. 3d printed parts and some machined aluminum custom components using our new zen tool works mini cnc that I am finishing up this weekend.

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